Romecraft: Core

Texture Pack Core

Romecraft Texture Pack: Core

This is the core download for Romecraft:Germania, the default (core) texture pack that runs it all. This includes the default armor, block, item, gui, mob, and etc that makes up what we know as Romecraft. If you plan on adding armor packs, item packs, sound packs, and the like, this may be mandatory, or else most of your textures will remain default!

Installation of Core Pack and Addons:

With the introduction of Resource Pack stacking in Minecraft 1.7, we can now build "addons" for customizing resource packs such as Romecraft! To do this, you must first download the Core pack (RC:Germania, the link is below) and place it in your "resource packs" folder ingame. You must then find the resource pack on the left, click the arrow on it so that it moves to "Selected Resource Packs". You should be able to use the pack now!

Installation for Dummies:

This is how your "Selected Resource Packs" List should look:

  1. 1. ARMOR/ITEM PACKS(At top)
  3. 3. SOUND PACK
  4. 4. Romecraft:Core(Germania)
  5. 5. Default (At bottom)

To use addons, you do the same process as adding a regular resource pack, but make sure that it is ABOVE the Core pack (in this case, RC:Germania).

Download Romecraft:Germania 16 (Core) for MC1.10.0

Download Texture Pack Core

[For Mc1.8.8]

Armor Packs & Item Packs

Remember, armor packs must be above the core texture pack to work!

LEGIO II Armor Pack - Version 2.0

All hail the Emperor! This Pack changes the default armor to Historically Correct Imperial Roman army armors

REPUBLIC Armor Pack - Version 1.0

Fight Alongside your General: Julius Caesar! This Pack changes the default armor to Historically Correct Republic Roman army armors

Theme Packs

Remember,theme pack addons must be above the core texture pack to work!

Romecraft Music Addon

Music Pack

This addon changes the music of the game to examples from Rome:Total War and the movie Gladiator. Expect excessively dramatic music and the like!

AEGYPTVUS Theme Pack - Version 1.0

This Pack changes the theme of Romecraft to a more desert and barren feel, suitable for if you feel like fighting Carthage! This pack still needs a little more work, and will be updated!